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Owner / Instructor

Describe yourself as an instructor – I’m fun, motivational and passionate about Jazzercise! My aim for all Customers to have an effective, safe workout and keep coming back for more! I absolutely love a routine that has punches!

# of years teaching –17 years.

# of years Jazzercising -20+ years! How did that happen?! After years of going to class, I was inspired by the Instructor and I finally plucked up the courage to ask about becoming an instructor – I haven’t looked back since.  I fulfilled my ambition to become a class owner a few years ago!

Day Job – I’m an Operations Co-coordinator for Ibstock Concrete by day.  My job is very varied and so interesting.

Kids/Pets – One daughter Ally, who is also a Jazzercise instructor.

Other hobbies – I love pampering myself!  Spa days are my idea of heaven.  I also love walking, spending time with family and friends and love eating out.

What got you into Jazzercise - I saw and advert for Jazzercise at the local train station and my Mum said ‘why don’t we give it go?’  we went to class that week and I absolutely loved it! It really helped build my confidence and I lost weight too.

Something unique about you/or something people wouldn’t expect – I once learnt to tap dance, but wasn’t very good!

Favorite class Format – Impossible to pick just one! Strenght45, Dance Mixx and Flip Fusion.

Regular classes you teach – 

  • Monday 7:00pm – 8:00pm Redborne Upper School Ampthill (Dance Mixx)
  • Tuesday 6:30pm – 7:15pm Redbourne Upper School Ampthill (Strength45)
  • Saturday 9:30am – 10:30am Flitton & Greenfield Village Hall (Dance Mixx)   



Describe yourself as an instructor – I’m the bossy, booty routine loving, and bouncy one! I like my students to have fun but also want them to get the best out of their workouts and listen to tips that will improve their outcome of their workouts too.  I’m always happy if one of my students comes in the following week and tells me they couldn’t sit on the toilet properly because one of the routines worked them!

# of years teaching –1

# of years Jazzercising -From when I can remember! When I was a little girl I used to go to my Mum’s Jazzercise class and take my reading book and homework along! I didn’t get much done because I used to love watching everyone dancing. Some of the ladies that I used to watch as a little girl now come to my classes, which really makes me happy and emotional.  My Mum then opened up a Junior Jazzercise class after school on a Friday and I loved going with my friends then as I got older I started going to the adult classes.

Day Job – I am a Teaching Assistant/cover supervisor for a local Agency which is really exciting. I get to go to different local schools from Primary to Upper Schools and assist Teachers or cover classes. There is definitely never a dull moment!

Kids/Pets – Working with children is enough! I have a little Hamster called Lulu, she is a darling. 

Other hobbies – I enjoy spending time with my family and my friends, shopping and of course enjoying a gin… or 2!  

What got you into Jazzercise? Jazzercise has been in my life for as long as I can remember. My Mum has been an Instructor for many years and before becoming an Instructor I used to go to her and other Instructors classes and think I’d love to be able to get on stage and dance! Then one morning after class Mum said ‘go on just apply’ so I sat on the IPad and filled out my application form, a few weeks later I was up on stage practicing my Audition routines and the rest is history.  

Something unique about you/or something people wouldn’t expect – I was born with a narrowing of the Aorta which meant I had to have Heart surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital when I was just a few months old. I have regular checkups at my Heart Hospital in London. My consultant loves that I’m able to teach an aerobics session!

Favorite class Format – Dance Mixx and Interval Fusion 

Regular classes you teach – Thursdays 7:00 - 8:00pm Redborne Upper School Ampthill;